Sales Team Definition and Strategy
Is your sales function broken and you aren’t sure what to do to fix it? Do you think a seasoned sales team leader can give you the fresh perspective needed to get your team back on track, but you don’t want to sign up for big fees or long term commitments?

Our solution is our Fractional VP Sales Analysis program. We pair your senior managers with our veteran VP of Sales to create a prioritized action plan to fix your sales function and give you the tools to implement it.

Sales Leadership Program
Do you want your sales function fixed and you want to master the skills and processes that will make you the sales team leader for your company? Do you feel like you do not want to build your car, you just want to drive it?

Our solution is our Fractional VP Sales Training Program. With this proven methodology, you will receive the tools, processes and metrics to hire, lead and measure results of your sales team. You will have everything needed from presentation materials, customized CRM to compensation and hiring plans.

On-Demand VP of Sales
Do you want all of the above plus a veteran VP of Sales who will lead your team and be a part of your senior management team? Do you want this without paying the cost of a full time veteran VP of Sales or taking chances hiring a less experienced leader you can afford?

Our solution is our Fractional VP Sales program. This proven methodology does not deliver advice, it delivers results. We lead your sales team, give you reliable forecasts, give your senior team the customer’s perspective and take responsibility for results. We do it at price you can afford, a fraction of the cost of a full time sales executive.

Startup Sales Advisor
Are you a startup with a great product or service, but no one on your team is comfortable executing the sales part of your go-to-market strategy? Did you just start an Indiegogo campaign and you have 500 inquiries from all over the world for exclusive reseller rights? Are your potential investors asking how you will sell other than from your website? Do you have a channel strategy and the margins in your price structure to support it?

Our solution is our Startup Sales Advisor service. We have led startup sales teams at a dozen companies. Three of them did IPOs based on our leadership. We help you define and prove a scalable sales process that validates your revenue projections. We create infrastructure that gives you a reliable pipeline and forecast. We define channel strategies, pricing, organizational structure, compensation and hiring plans. We have extensive international experience and help you grow as a global business.

Investor Sales Service
Are you considering investing in a startup? Do the revenue and growth plans seem a little too good to be true? Does your prospective investment lack an experienced sales executive or a credible plan for scaling their business? Does your investment rely on international “distributors” or lack any international plans?

Our solution is ourInvestor Sales Service. We will do the due diligence on your investment prospect and give you the analysis that only seasoned sales executives can see. We will tell you how scalable the sales proposition is and how difficult it will be to build the infrastructure, process and team needed to execute it. If your prospect does not have a global or channel plan, our extensive network of resources around the world will help define the opportunity and its cost.

Enterprise Sales Consulting
Do you have a new product or service with a market you do not currently serve? Do you have a division that is floundering and no clear answer to getting it on track? Have you made a change at the sales leadership level of all or part of your company and want to look at alternatives before hiring a replacement?

Our solution is ourEnterprise Sales Consulting Service. As veterans of numerous corporate reorganizations, we will see the risks and opportunities of your potential changes with the fresh eyes and clean slate of outsiders. We work outside your corporate structure with no agendas to further or interests to defend. You will receive a clear analysis, recommendations and an actionable plan to produce results.

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